We save your energy.

We will help you to reduce your energy (and materials and water ) consumption and costs by 40%, with a return on investment of at least 40%.


Any area of Australia, all energy and water using equipment, industrial and commercial.

I want….

to save electricity

Reduce electricity consumption, costs and greenhouse gases,

to save natural gas

Save natural gas, reduce costs and greenhouse gases,

to save LPG

Save or subsitute LPG, reduce costs and greenhouse gases.

to save fuel

Reduce fuel used for transport and stationary power.

to reduce greenhouse gases

through energy efficiency, fuel switching, and renewable energy including solar


I want my company and staff requirements and experience to be understood and respected.

staff engagement

Engage staff in your efficiency and process improvement program, identifying and implementing opportunities

to monitor and control energy use

Make electricity and gas consumption visible to management and staff.


an integrated efficiency program

Plan and implement an efficiency program based on sound data, analysis and evidence.

a comfortable, efficient building

An efficient building is more productive, comfortable, and cheaper to operate,

to diversify into green products

We can help match your manufacturing capabilities to new clean-tech markets

Something else

If we haven’t quite captured your requirements, please call us to discuss, on 1800 22 99 11

We provide whichever services are required to achieve energy, materials and water savings in your business, including:

  • measurement, monitoring, and telemetry,
  • energy, materials and water end-use analysis and auditing,
  • program design and tailoring,
  • compliance with government programs,
  • benchmarking,
  • engineering and design,
  • custom manufacture,
  • project management,
  • project financing.

Efficiency improvements in your business can be paid for:

  • from savings,
  • as a fixed price,
  • based on the savings achieved (“performance payment”)
  • as a fixed schedule, designed to be less than the monetary savings