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Award winning energy efficiency project

Industrial Case Study: Tri-Tech Chemical.

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Electricity use down 34%, electricity purchases down 54%

In 2012 Greg Weston expressed an interest in continuing a process he had just kicked off (by fuel-switching boilers from LPG to Natural Gas) to manage his energy use and reduce his costs and environmental impact.

The project represents the holistic process of; management of energy services causing demand reduction using Genesis Now’s online portal ‘eco-tracker’; an extensive and ingenious energy efficiency retrofit program (daylight and occupancy sensing industrial lighting, LED office and flood lighting, Variable Speed Drives on: extraction fans; cooling tower pump and fan; air compressor (+ air leak reductions)  and the installation of an energy production facility in the form of a well-sized and oriented solar generation facility.

Electricity Use onsite has dropped by 34% due to energy efficiency. When solar generation is added to this the figure is a 54% reduction of grid energy use.

Gas Use reduced by just over 15% a year after project completion through monitoring, idling practice changes and some addition of insulation.

As a result of this holistic project 267 tonnes CO2 emissions are being avoided and $41,300 saved every year.

2015 Energy Efficiency Awards Category Winner:
Best Industrial Energy Efficiency Project 2015

Peak industry group, the Energy Efficiency Council recognised the project at this year’s Energy Efficiency Awards gala dinner.

Accepting the award, jointly presented to Genesis Now and
Tri-Tech Chemical, Mr Greg Weston said that in addition to the impressive energy savings, there were some unexpected benefits, including a much better working environment, e.g. due to noise reduction (VSDs) and better lighting (uniformity, colour, response time, and daylight).

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The case study pdf file is here: TriTech Chemical energy efficiency Case Study