Project Reference455F
Industry or SectorManufacturing solid-state electronics
Energy UseNatural gas for steam raising, and electricity for boiler ancillary equipment and excessive cooling.
Date AddedOctober 2012
AbstractEnergy efficient humidification system (adiabatic fogging),
allowing decommissioning of site steam boilers, and associated benefits.

The full case study is here.


Genesis Now has been assisted several industrial clients with steam boilers de-commissioning projects, and other projects which have reduced the number of boilers required.

Key Points:

  • Steam Boilers are energy and labour intensive
  • Annual maintenance and chemical treatment costs are high
  • Many steam processes can be replaced with more efficient, decentralised, responsive processes, facilitating boiler shut-down
  • Investment payback and ongoing savings from the de-commissioning of steam boilers can be vast, IF suitable non-steam processes can be found.

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