Textiles case study


Project Reference349
Industry or SectorYarn and Textiles Manufacture
Energy UseElectricity for weaving, dyeing, setting, and laminating, and services such as lighting, pumping and compressed air.
Date AddedFebruary 2006
AbstractElectricity savings of 25% (1,117,800 kWh every year), saving over $100,000 per year for an investment of just $35,000 resulting in an average return on investment (including engineering fees) of xxx% Per Annum


In 2003 a textile manufacturer in Victoria was required to conduct an energy audit under the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) State Environment Protection Policy (SEPP) for air quality management. EPA licence holders to required to find opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving energy efficiency, and to implement cost-effective opportunities.


Energy Efficiency Opportunities identified by Genesis Now and since implemented by the client include:

  • Improving steam system insulation
  • Cool and warm water pump control system
  • Light switching modifications in several buildings
  • Lighting redesign and replacement of lighting in stores and production areas
  • Automatic control of lighting in day-lit factory buildings, in several buildings

Cost Effectiveness

Total professional fees to analyse energy consumption, liaise with the Client and suppliers, identify and evaluation energy efficiency opportunities, and completion of an energy audit report to satisfy EPA requirements$5,060 including GST
Total investment in implementing energy efficiency opportunities$35,000 including GST
Total investment in energy efficiency$40,060 including GST
Total energy savings (every year)$xxx,000 including GST
Overall return on investment 


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