Utility tracker case study


Project Reference021 I 1
Industry or SectorGovernment, Local, Victoria
Energy UseElectricity, Gas, Water, Transport, Public Lighting (monitoring and managing energy and greenhouse gases)
Date AddedFebruary 2006
AbstractThis project involved upgrades to the Utility Tracker tool developed by SEAV to accommodate for the local council ESD reporting needs and to fix some functionality issues


Utility Tracker was developed by SEAV (now Sustainability Victoria) and is freely available to local councils. The available version of Utility Tracker did not meet all the reporting needs of two Councils (existing clients of Genesis Now) and was found to have some minor bugs.

Genesis Now has enhanced Utility Tracker to its current version 2.0 in the following areas:

  • Calculating of monthly consumption from bi- or tri-monthly billing information. This was needed to allow for the better comparison of monthly consumption.
  • Creating a customised dynamic reporting area that provides information for:
    • Invoice Summary for gas, electricity, public lighting and water
    • Monthly, Annual consumption reports for gas, electricity, public lighting and water
    • 12 month average consumption calculation
    • ESD report for gas, electricity, events and opportunities
    • Summarisation of multiple sites selected dynamically
    • Calculated yearly trends
  • Providing and area to record events, forward directions, abatement measures and actions to be displayed on the new reports
  • Incorporating Green Energy calculation into all electricity reports
  • Allowing the user to access the data related to a graph
  • Enhancing the site details to contain more information

By changing Utility Tracker to its current version it has become the major tool used for ESD reporting in both councils.

New Home Page

Utility Tracker Front Page

New report for Gas CO2 consumption (example):

Utility Tracker CO2 graph

For further information on Utility Tracker please see: http://www.seav.sustainability.vic.gov.au/advice/government/local/utilitytracker.asp


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