Our entire team is passionate about energy efficiency and ‘transforming the sustainability of Australian business’. We enjoy the challenge of each energy (and water and materials) project; understanding the client business’ goals, processes, energy use, skills and knowledge,  and culture.

Here is a quick overview of the core energy efficiency team :

Geoff AndrewsEnergy efficiency in manufacturing, transport and buildings.Energy efficiency opportunities (EEO) program. (Helped RET with program development, assists EEO participants with maximising the benefits of EEO participation and to ensure compliance).Lighting.Staff and stakeholder engagement.Organisation-wide energy efficiency and sustainability programs.New product development, especially energy efficient products.32 years in energy efficiency. Over 750 energy efficiency projects.
Rob AlexanderEnergy efficiency in buildings, air-conditioning, heating and cooling, controls.Metering and monitoring of electricity, natural gas, water and waste water,  data telemetry, data formats and electronic interchange of data.Accredited NABERS rating assessor32 years in building services and energy efficiency.
Phil PomaroffGreenhouse and energy verification and auditing.NGERS Auditor.Monitoring and auditing utilities (electricity, natural gas, water) accounts, invoices, including checking account accuracy, identifying abnormal consumption patterns and savings opportunities.27 years in energy efficiency.Utility scale demand side management (SECV).Power station efficiency improvement
Glenn MacMillanEnergy and greenhouse reduction in agriculture, including dairy farms, beef cattle farms and horticulture, and regional energy usage.
Industrial energy efficiency.
Heavy manufacturing, incl steel making and forming.  Energy, sustainability and greenhouse mitigation in agriculture.
Jon FettesIndustrial energy efficiency.Manufacturing processes, including injection moulding and other plastic production processes. Product design and development.Renewable energy.Buildings energy efficiency.Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme and creating certificates (VEECs).


Manufacturing (automotive).
Industrial energy efficiency audits.
Process data logging.
Lighting energy efficiency.
Implementation of energy efficiency upgrades.
Emilia IacovinoElectrical and electronic engineering.Sustainable manufacturing and sustainable product design.Renewable energy and energy efficiency.
Energy monitoring and telemetry.
Energy efficiency coaching, including assisting staff to identify and implement energy efficiency opportunities.
Energy auditing.Energy metering and monitoring.Managing energy efficiency diagnostics

This team is ably supported by admin and IT personnel.