Power meter

  These specifications are provided for reference by existing owners only;
 the Elemetric E9 Power Meter is no longer for sale (as of 1 July 2010)

Measure the Electrical Characteristics of any 240 volt, 10 amp Appliance!
“Elemetric E9” Appliance Power Meter
  An Essential Tool for Energy Managers, Educators and Appliance Suppliers

Fast Response – measured and calculated values updated to screen every 1-2 sec. These are:

Instantaneous ValuesLogged Values
·True RMS Current·Minimum Power
· True RMS Voltage·Maximum Power
·Active Power·Energy
·Apparent Power·Time Elapsed
·Power Factor 



Auto-ranging for all parameters.

Easy to use push button menu operation on stylish case.

Based on microprocessor technology with a large character 16 x 2 LCD display.

User selected logging time scale ranging from 15 minutes to 24 hours.

Internal logging of the energy, average power, and the minimum and maximum active power for each time period. Values can be scrolled through.

Built-in D-9 connector for external logging of pulse output for energy consumption, cable included.

Uses standard 3-pin plug and power socket. No adaptors required.

Up to 10 amps load current at 240 volts AC.

Low power consumption.

Battery backup for security of logged values.

Measurement Resolution:

Active Power0.01999W3±0.5%
Current1999mA1 – 3±0.5%
Apparent Power0.01999VA3±0.5%
Power Factor0.0 Lead0.0 Lag3±0.01
Logged Time/Period00:00.0123:59.59HH:MM.SS81 in 4 x 105