What is NABERS Energy?

NABERS Energy is a rating based on the actual energy consumption (and so greenhouse gas emissions) of a building.

The scheme provides a gauge of energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions of office space, in a familiar 1 to 5 star rating band.

Increasingly, prospective tenants and purchasers (e.g. Commonwealth Government, Melbourne City Council) are demanding a NABERS Energy rating of 4.5 stars or higher.

For more details on the NABERS Energy Rating scheme, see the NABERS home page.

Commercial Building Disclosure

From 1st November most sellers or lessors of office space with nett lettable area (NLA) of 2,000 m2 or more will be required to obtain and disclose an up-to-date accredited NABERS Energy rating. The NABERS Energy rating is determined by an accredited assessor, based on the energy (e.g. electricity and natural gas) invoices for the past year, nett lettable area (NLA) and adjustments for number of people, operating hours etc.

Obtaining and maintaining a high NABERS Energy star rating will reduce the risk of office space being left vacant or unsold.

How to Maximise the Benefits and Minimise Effort?

In order to reduce costs and effort, we recommend first conducting an unofficial NABERS Energy rating.
We can do this for you, or you can even do it yourself using the online calculator (you will need data including  the NLA, total electricity and gas consumption for the past year, and percentage of accredited GreenPower TM).

If the unofficial rating is satisfactory (meets your target and that of prospective tenants and purchasers) we can undertake and official NABERS Energy rating of your office space.

If you want to improve the NABERS Energy rating, we can survey your building and identify cost effective ways to improve the NABERS Energy rating while achieving other tangible benefits to the building owners and occupier (e.g. improved comfort, amenity, lighting quality, maintainability, etc.). All opportunities to improve the rating will be reliably costed and the savings calculated.  We will work with you to develop a strategy which progressively improves the NABERS Energy rating of your office space.

In the short term, you can also improve the NABERS Energy rating by purchasing accredited GreenPower TM including from a de-coupled provider (we recommend Ark Climate)

The certificate of the current NABERS Energy rating along with the documented strategy to achieve a higher NABERS Energy rating will communicate to prospective occupiers, your commitment to reducing outgoings and improving the environmental performance of the building.