Solar Plus Energy Efficiency

Solar Installers…

Want more, happier customers?

Want to sell more projects?

Want more profitable projects?

Here’s how…

Add energy efficiency to your solar offerings, and you will…

  • achieve higher total savings, and so improve the overall return on investment, and proposal attractiveness to your clients.
  • make customers very happy referrers, when they receive electricity invoices lower than solar without end-use efficiency.
  • profit from energy efficiency equipment and work, as well as solar
  • avoid the risk of out-of-control energy use eroding savings.

Genesis Now can show you how.

Our team of highly experienced and awarded energy efficiency engineers will work with you to incorporate energy efficiency into your proposals and projects.  Established in 1991, we have unrivalled experience in

  • Industrial, Commercial, Agricultural, Government and Off-grid energy use.
    Our own green building retrofit (solar plus efficiency) resulted in nett electricity generation and income.
  • We will work with you and your prospective clients and past clients to develop compelling opportunities in all areas of energy use.

To discuss your requirements and ideas, phone us now on 1800 22 99 11 or contact us


Here are a few examples of our recent work as featured in EcoGeneration magazine


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2014-05-28 16.37.51