What is the greenest use of your excess PV solar electricity?

There is a lot of buzz and talk in Australia about solar PV owners losing attractive feed-in tariffs (25 to 60 cents / kWh) and falling back to take-it-or-leave it offers from electricity network monopolies of around 6 cents / kWh.

This in turn has led to talk of installing batteries, to store the excess electricity on site, for use later.

So, what do you think is the greenest option? :

  • battery storage, for later use on site,
  • some other form of storage (e.g. hot water, refrigeration, pumping),
  • export to the grid, for use by others,

We have started a Twitter poll, here.

Perhaps it’s not the greenness of the solution which interests you, but fairness, or something else. That will be canvassed in a later poll.