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How do I know if energy savings are real?

It’s great to have energy saving goals, to identify energy efficiency opportunities, develop business cases based on those opportunities, and to implement actions which are predicted to save energy.

But how do you know if those actions are working, and that energy is being saved?

It’s not just a matter of comparing the quantity

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Gippsland Businesses Keen on Resource Efficiency

Gippsland businesses are demonstrating their commitment to resources (materials, energy and water) efficiency.

10% (7 out of 70) of all companies awarded a Sustainability Victoria capital grant,  are based in Gippsland.

Genesis Now is happy to have assisted 5 of these 7 Gippsland companies, and we are now planning implemenation of the

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Materials and Energy Efficiency Projects Funding Awarded

Genesis Now is delighted by the news that 8 of our clients have been successful in applying for capital grants, under Sustainability Victoria’s Smarter Resources Smarter Business  program. This represents 12% of the all 69 successful companies. This builds on our success in earlier grant rounds. The efficiency projects include both materials

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Carbon tax off, handbrake off, all bets off

Now that the carbon tax has been repealed,  will the cost of electricity, gas and consumer goods drop?

Logically,  prices should fall, if you accept the claims that the carbon tax had such a large impact on those prices.
But,  I predict that household electricity prices will not fall noticeably, if at

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Timber recycling, opportunity and funding

Timber Recycling fund

Sustainability Victoria has announced an investment opportunity for business through a new $550,000 Timber Recycling fund to support the increased recovery of timber waste.

Approximately 393,000 tonnes of timber waste is generated each year in Victoria, of which 286,000 tonnes (73%) is sent to landfill. This creates unnecessary waste

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Victorian businesses investing in sustainability

Genesis Now helping businesses to make the change!

On 3 Feb 2014 Sustainability Victoria announced the recipients of Grants under the Smarter Resources Smarter Business Program, grant round 2.

The good news for businesses working with Genesis Now is that 100% of our grant applications for material related grants were successful. Of

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