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Good News: We cause climate change

Why would that be good news?

Well, it’s not that climate change is good. Of course not.

We know from many different measurement sources that the climate is changing.
This is a big problem. A huge problem.  Let’s face it, not many of us are going to Mars, and not many want to.

But climate change would be a much bigger worry if we could do nothing about it.
If, as some want to believe (without evidence) climate change was caused by volcanoes, solar variability, pixies, etc., we couldn’t fix it (well, maybe we could deal with pixies).

Here are the cited causes of climate change, and the correlation with the measurements and observations.

Greenhouse drivers

Source:  University of Queensland. 

Because our actions are causing climate change,  changing our actions can fix the problem.

This is like a reprieve.
We can fix the problem.
Most people get that there is a problem.
Most people want to fix the problem.
Quite a few people know some of the solutions.
Now let’s get on with it.

Oh, in case you know some climate lagards who need a bit of tuition on climate 101, send them this link to the video



Greenhouse drivers 2

This Blog by Geoff Andrews.
CEO and Engineering Manager, Genesis Now.
9 June 2015.

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