Financing Options

Most organisations can identify opportunities to save energy, but may often wish to conserve capital investment funds for areas other than energy efficiency (e.g. production capacity, direct customer benefits, comfort, etc.)

This can mean foregoing opportunities to improve cost competitiveness.

We can work with you to overcome this problem, by developing a plan including:

  • identifying and implementing the no-cost and low-cost energy efficiency opportunities.
    This frees up some cash flow which would have been spent on electricity and gas bills, which can be reinvested in the next group of opportunities.
    These early wins also help to motivate staff and management, and garner support for further initiatives and effort.
    Examples of these opportunities are:

    • analysing and optimising factory start-up and shut-down routines.
    • optimising production and machine schedules, and product changes, to best match product requirements,
    • analysing maximum demand profiles and charges, adjusting procedures and controls, and requesting demand resets,
    • checking the performance of power factor correction equipment
    • checking network tariffs.
  • applying for government grant funding toward the cost of energy efficiency upgrades
  • selecting and applying for loan funding for financing energy efficient equipment and modifications
  • supplying equipment and / or consulting services on a performance or contingency basis (i.e. payment based on the energy and cost savings achieved)

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and ideas.