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Timber recycling, opportunity and funding

Timber Recycling fund

Sustainability Victoria has announced an investment opportunity for business through a new $550,000 Timber Recycling fund to support the increased recovery of timber waste.

Approximately 393,000 tonnes of timber waste is generated each year in Victoria, of which 286,000 tonnes (73%) is sent to landfill. This creates unnecessary waste disposal costs on businesses and is a missed opportunity to gain more value out of the resource.
The fund aims to:

  • improve the consolidation and supply of recycled timber to timber manufacturers and other markets
  • increase the production of recycled timber products by Victorian businesses
  • increase onsite energy generation using timber waste.

Funding between $25,000 to $150,000 will be available to projects that may include, but are not limited to:

  • the development or expansion of facilities for timber waste consolidation that deliver increased recovery and supply efficiencies to end markets
  • infrastructure to allow recycled timber to substitute virgin timber in existing engineered wood products
  • new recycled timber product development and testing for commercialisation purposes
  • infrastructure for timber waste to be used to generate heat or electricity on-site.

Submissions close 3 pm Friday 4 April 2014.

Genesis Now welcomes Sustainbility Victoria’s timber recycling initiate.
We will expand our existing activities in working with timber processing companies and potential customers of wood byproducts, to identify and evaluate opportunities for timber reuse, product development and recycling.

For more information, call Genesis Now on 1800 22 99 11 or go to

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Geoff is the founder and managing director of Genesis Now, and winner of the 2013 Energy Efficiency Champion award (Energy Efficiency Council).