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Winner – National Industrial Energy Efficiency Award

Tri-Tech Chemical Co. and Genesis Now were announced as the joint winners of the Energy Efficiency Council’s Best Industrial Energy Efficiency Project 2015, at a gala industry dinner, in Melbourne last night.

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(from left) Energy Efficiency Council President Mr Tony Arnell presents the award to
Greg Weston (Tri-Tech Chemical Co.) and Jon Fettes (Genesis Now).

The Energy Efficiency Council praised the comprehensiveness of the energy efficiency and renewable energy project undertaken by Tri-Tech Chemical Co, which included variable speed drives on extraction fans, cooling tower fan and cooling water pump, daylighting, replacement of factory discharge lighting, flood lights and office lights with LED lighting, occupancy sensing, VSDs on extraction fans, cooling tower pump and fan, and compressor, compressed air lead reduction.

The project also included a solar PV system, which Genesis Now designed (capacity, orientations, tilt) considering the electricity needs (kWh and time of use, Summer and Winter) of the factory after implementation of the energy efficiency initiatives.
Tri-Tech Chemical Co. is also actively using the Genesis Now eco-tracker system, in its energy efficiency program, both to monitor and maintain savings from the energy efficiency improvements implemented, and to continue identifying new opportunities.   According to Greg Weston: “By using eco-tracker, we were able to identify habits that were far more wasteful of energy than we had realised. And now we also monitor our solar system with eco-tracker”.


Elecricity used on site has reduced by 34% (production output has not reduced), and when combined with the on-site solar electricity generation has resulted in a 54% reduction in electricity consumed from the grid. 
Natural gas use has reduced by just over 15%,  as a result of imrpoved energy monitoring and fine-tuning procdures, and adding insulation.

Accepting the award, Mr Greg Weston said that in addition to the impressive energy savings, there were some unexpected benefits, including a much better working environment, e.g. due to noise reduction (VSDs) and better lighting (uniformity, colour, response time, and daylight).

Genesis Now is pleased to have been able to assist Tri-Tech Chemical Co to reduce its energy consumption, and to improve the quality of the working environment. We are also grateful to the Energy Efficiency Council for the recognition of our joint achievements.   Of course, none of this would be possible without innovative, foward-thinking clients, such as Tri-Tech Chemical Co.  Thanks Greg.


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Geoff is the founder and managing director of Genesis Now, and winner of the 2013 Energy Efficiency Champion award (Energy Efficiency Council).