Genesis Now (called ‘Genesis Automation’ until 2006) was established on 17 January 1991, with the sole aim of implementing energy efficiency opportunities. Company founder, Geoff Andrews had worked as an in-house energy manager (RAAF) and energy consultant (Enersonics) since 1982. Although his success rate in having energy efficiency recommendations implemented was high, he encountered many energy audit reports (written by others) gathering dust on clients’ bookshelves.

Geoff also observed that (even in 1990) there was a bewildering array of products and services with energy saving claims. How could a manager keep abreast of all the developments, and determine which claims were valid, while also performing their main role? Finally, implementing energy efficiency actions requires knowledge and skills not common among energy auditors, let alone other organisations. A specialist energy efficiency implementation company was required which knew which products worked, where to source them, understood installation and commissioning requirements, and worked well with staff and existing contractors.

Interestingly, although Genesis Now was established purely to implement energy audits written by other companies, the more we implemented energy efficiency actions, the more we were asked to undertake the initial analysis. Clients were tired of receiving audits with recommendations which were not practical, or which understated implementation cost. Genesis Now has grown to a staff of 8 dedicated energy efficiency engineers plus support staff (including sustainability information / IT).

Our services cover the spectrum of services required to achieve real energy savings, including: consulting with you to document your goals, priorities and plans, obtaining energy data including smart meter / interval data correlating energy data and independent variables (e.g. production, weather), site, building, equipment and controls surveys, energy data analysis, energy auditing, regression analysis and representative assessment of energy use and energy efficiency opportunities, opportunity identification, including facilitated staff workshops evaluating energy efficiency opportunities, including reliable implementation costings, and business case development to client financial control requirements, implementation, including sourcing standard or customised equipment, post-implementation monitoring, fine-tuning, and feeding-back information to improve future implementations.

We have also developed products and services which assist us and our clients to manage energy, including:

  • eco-tracker, a web-based graphical energy consumption analysis service (details here), and
  • Opportunity Manager, a web-based system for gathering and managing energy efficiency ideas, from concept, to evaluation, approval, implementation and monitoring (details here).