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Sustainability Victoria’s, Smarter Resources, Smarter Business Program

Update, Jan 2016.  

This program closed in 2015 (details of replacement program are here).
Genesis Now completed about 10% of all projects under the SRSB program, identifying many opportunities for materials and energy efficiency, most of which have now been implemented. Here are some of the case-studies:

We are keen to assist more companies to cut materials and energy costs, under Sustainability Victoria’s replacement program, Resource Efficiency Assessments

The following information on the superceded SRSB program is for reference.

Sustainability Victoria, offers financial assistance to small and medium enterprises in Victoria, to conduct resource and energy efficiency opportunity assessments.  Genesis Now has been appointed by Sustainability Victoria (following a competitive tender) to assist companies to apply for funding under this program. 


The benefits of the SRSB program can include:

  • the potential to identify, evaluate and create a business case for, opportunities to reduce energy (electricity, LPG, natural gas) costs, and materials costs, {Genesis Now normally identifies energy savings opportunities of 40%, including low-cost and no-cost opportunities to cut energy costs by 10% – 15%}
  • The potential to use the investigation to solve other problems or reap other benefits (e.g. productivity, product yield, quality, maintenance, operability, OH&S, capacity restrictions, reputation, etc.). 
  • Up to $15,000 / 75% funding of the cost of the investigation and evaluation. 
  • Up to $15,000 / 75% funding of the cost of detailed implementation design planning (if required). 
  • A further $3,000 reward payment, providing that one or more opportunities are implemented within six months (minimum investment of $1500). 


The eligibility criteria, for the Smarter Resources Smarter Business – Energy and Materials Program, are:

  • Have a current Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Employ fewer than 200 people. 
  • For small businesses (defined as having fewer than 20 employees), additional eligibility criteria applies (please call us to discuss) 
  • Have not had any Environment Protection Authority (EPA) or WorkSafe violations in the past five years
  • Agree to comply with Sustainability Victoria’s Terms and Conditions
  • Not be a Commonwealth, State or local government entity 
  • Not be an industry or professional association. 

How we can help:

Genesis Now can assist you to maximise the benefits of the SRSB program, to your business. We will:

  • Prepare a scope of works, and application, tailored to your requirements (Genesis Now has been contracted by Sustainability Victoria to assist companies to apply for SRSB funding)
  • Plan an SRSB Energy and Materials  assessment, of your operations, equipment, and buildings, based on your goals and situation.
  • Conduct the assessment, including providing resource assessors, specialist energy efficiency engineers, and working with and engaging your staff and contractors.
  • Work with you to prioritise the materials and energy opportunities, and develop business cases, designs and implementation plans.
  • Project manage implementation.

Where to from here?

To discuss how we can tailor the SRSB program to meet your goals and maximise the benefits to your operations, please call us on 1800 22 99 11.