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Calculating your Organisation’s Carbon Footprint

Does your organisation require a ‘carbon footprint’ assessment, for example as an input to a NCOS Program or Clean Technology Investment Program application or for environmental reporting ?

Genesis Now can calculate the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of an organisation, a site, or a specific process; depending on your requirements.  We can, depending on the requirements of the project:

  • source energy consumption data from your records and / or from your energy retailers (to reduce your workload)
  • collate energy data
  • analyse energy data, including checking for any anomalies
  • calculate CO2 emissions, using the latest National Greenhouse Accounts factors
  • observe and review site operations and a description of business processes, to ensure all emission sources have been included
  • provide a spreadsheet with source data, to facilitate updating and to assist in completing the CTIP energy and savings calculator
  • provide a concise written report describing the total CO2 emissions and the sources of those emissions.

This service is provided by one of our Senior Energy Efficiency Engineers, Phil Pomaroff. Phil is registered as a greenhouse and energy auditor under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) Act (Cth 2007).

Reducing your Organisation’s Carbon Footprint

You may also want to identify cost-effective, practical opportunities to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint. Genesis Now can work with you to identify and develop  a range of energy efficiency opportunities, to cost-effectively reduce energy consumption and costs, and progressively reduce CO2 emissions and the cost risks of those emissions.  Please contact us for more information