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Boiler Efficiency- traps for the unwary

At Genesis Now, we have recently been involved with two projects in which boiler selection was an issue of some interest.  In both cases, the same boiler make/model was proposed and after looking at the claimed performance, we had some concerns and so decided to dig a little deeper for reasons that will become apparent shortly.

But first, a small digression into the realms of pop (as in popular) quizzes.  Which of the following (if any) is true?

  1. A car can run on custard
  2. It is possible to make a mobile phone from fish-sticks
  3. A boiler can achieve an efficiency greater than 100%
  4. A liberal coating of banana skin extract on a follicly-challenged scalp will guarantee luxurious hair re-growth overnight

The brains trust in our office came to the conclusion that none of the above should be true but under certain conditions, number 3 can give the impression that it can be true.  What does this mean?    

The full story is in the attached case study / flyer:   Boiler Efficiency:  Traps for the unwary

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