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Since January 1991, we have completed over 2,000 energy monitoring and investigation projects, and energy efficiency implementation projects in most sectors, and in most energy end-uses. Genesis Now has successfully achieved energy savings and a wide range of ancillary benefits for clients in all areas of Australia, most industrial sectors, commercial buildings, farms and residential buildings, and most energy sources and categories of energy using equipment. Here you will find a small sample of representative “success stories”. If you are interested in an energy end-use, and opportunity or a problem, please contact us to discuss it. Even if it does not appear in the case studies list below, we are confident we can help.

Dynamic Windows Lighting Case Study

Industry: Manufacturing

“The energy cost savings have been immediate and significant, and the lighting is now more even and better suits our working environment. The installation was performed by a local contractor with basically zero impact on our production schedule. The smart controls were an unexpected addition that are programmed individually to suit the different requirements of the various departments throughout the building, very impressive option that we are glad we took”

– Damien Hudson Director (Dynamic Windows)

Hume City Council Case Study

Industry: Community Education & Recreation

“It was a very smooth process of communication and execution by Genesis Now’s team. They were approachable, understanding and executed the work to the professional standards expected. They achieved what they promised in energy saving. We’re thoroughly satisfied with their work and would use their services again in future”

– Pradeep Dissanayake Sustainable Energy Officer (Hume City Council)

Pronto e Fresco

Industry: Manufacturing

“The investment in smart LED lighting, variable speed air compressors and solar PV has resulted in significant energy savings, with an impressive payback of less than three years. These improvements have been endorsed by all levels within our business and with our customers, who see this as a great step towards achieving our goal of 50% reduction in CO₂ emissions by 2020”.

– Michele Pizza Director (Pronto e Fresco)

Specialty Packaging Group

Industry: Manufacturing

“The automation and light levels that Genesis Now has achieved have been well thought out. Areas brighten as you approach them, they also dim gently when the daylight comes through brightly to add to the savings.

I would happily show any prospective clients around to show them what Genesis Now’s team has done”

– Mark Dewar
Site Manager
 (Specialty Packaging Group)