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The process of successfully reducing energy consumption and costs, while improving the quality of services necessitates:

  • A good understanding of your requirements
  • Integrating the search for efficiency opportunities into your way of operating
  • Searching for benefits in addition to energy savings, and solving problems other high energy costs
  • Lateral thinking
  • In-depth knowledge of alternative processes, fuels, equipment, controls, etc
  • Sound engineering analysis
  • Reliable calculation of savings, and quantification of other benefits
  • Realistic investment estimates and sound investment opportunity analysis
  • Practical engineering design skills
  • Project management and implementation skills (including the ability to overcome teething problems, to commission systems, and to work with client staff and contractors)
  • Metering and monitoring to ensure performance and identify further opportunities

Successful energy saving projects rely on staff engagement.  We understand energy efficiency, and we work with client company’s staff who have an irreplaceable and essential knowledge of company goals, priorities, procedures, and equipment. Working together we can achieve much higher energy and water savings, and ancillary benefits than either group working alone.