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This chart (courtesy of NEM Watch) showing the instantaneous generation of electricity from fossil fuelled and renewable electricity generators. The small scale solar includes a calculation of ‘behind the meter’ generation.

It is interesting to look at the portion of total generation contributed by renewable energy and fossil fuel power stations.
The higher the portion of generation from renewable sources, the lower the resource use, cost, local pollution, and greenhouse gases.
The two complementary strategies to increase the portion of renewable energy generation are:

  • installing more solar PV, wind generators, hydro-electric and biomass power generators.
    This is probably the more obvious strategy, is the easiest to think about and quantify the cost of.
  • reducing the demand for electricity by improving energy efficiency.
    Energy efficiency opportunities are harder to find and harder to evaluate and cost than installing renewable energy electricity generation. But energy efficiency does has the potential to at least halve electricity demand with a return on investment at least as high an renewable energy facilities.  We are not suggesting slowing down the installation of renewable energy; we need both, and both have a good or great return on investment.

At Genesis Now, we take a holistic approach to minimising energy consumption and costs, by reducing energy demand using energy efficiency and designing renewable energy to closely match the new, lower energy demand.  To discuss how, please call us.