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Everyone in the Genesis Now team is passionate about achieving our goal of ‘Transforming the Sustainability of Australian Businesses’

This is what motivates us; it’s the cause that gets us bouncing out of bed and toward to our office or clients’ sites each day.

Our main focus is on ‘reducing energy consumption and cost’ which of course helps to reduce the demand on finite fossil energy reserves, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

This is knitted into a broader sustainability framework, because without a holistic and integrated approach to energy efficiency and energy savings, those savings won’t be sustained.

And our passion for energy savings and energy efficiency extends to a passion for both:

  • broader environmental goals: ┬ámaterial resources, water efficiency, stormwater, landfill, local pollution (air, noise, water, visual), habitat, etc. and
  • helping the people who make up our client organisations, to achieve their goals and to sustain their organisations.