We believe in contributing to our community. Here are some examples of initiatives ranging from the global to the local.

Core Business

Our core business is reducing energy consumption, thereby reducing the community’s drain on limited resources, reducing local pollution and water use near power stations, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the consequences of climate change.  Reducing energy use, also reduces the operating costs of client organisations, and reduces the investment the community must make in energy generation and distribution infrastructure.  While we are reducing energy use, we are normally able to achieve other “social” goals, such as making equipment safer, working conditions more comfortable, etc; thus rounding out the triple bottom line goals of environmental, financial and social sustainability.

Planned Giving

In 2004, we moved from ad-hoc charity donations to a planned giving system.

Year Charity or Organisation Amount Purpose
2014 Fred Hollows Foundation $1,000 Enabling the FHF to continue their great work; this donation alone helping to restore the vision of about 40 people.
2013 /14 Water Aid Australia $1,000 We keep coming back to Water Aid and Fred Hollows, as two charities which cost-effectively tackle the two most widely-spread,
avoidable causes of human distress: unnecessary loss of sight, and absence of clean, safe, accessible drinking water.
2012 /13 Deni Greene award $1,000 Deni Greene was an activitist, environmentalist, trainer, consultant and intellectual, with a passion for the environment and people.
Deni Greene worked with Genesis Now on many projects over 20 years, and several of our engineers undertook training with her in the
RMIT University Master of Sustainable Energy course.  By co-sponsoring this inaugural Deni Greene award,
Genesis Now can help to continue Deni’s legacy, by encouraging young environmentalists.
The 2013 Deni Greene award winner is Charlie Wood.
2010/11 Water Aid Australia $1,000 Clean drinking water and safe sewerage systems.
2009 Red Cross $2,500 Relief for those who suffered loss during the bushfires on 7 Feb 2009
2008 Care Australia In kind Energy survey and efficiency advice.
2008 Alternative Technology $500 Installing renewable energy systems in East Timor.
2007 Alternative Technology $500 Installing renewable energy systems in East Timor.
2007 Water Aid Australia $1,000 Providing clean water and sanitation to developing countries.
2006 Fred Hollows Foundation $1,000 Restoring sight to people in developing countries.
2005 Fred Hollows Foundation $1,000 Restoring sight and overcoming blindness. Requested that donation for indigenous eyesight programs.
2004 Care Australia $1,000 Tsunami relief in South East Asia.

Pro Bono

We provide free or reduced price services to some charities and community organisations, to help them to reduce the amount of energy they purchase and so free funds for their community work.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss energy management in a community organisation or charity.

Local Community Building

We encourage community building in the area of our offices by facilitating informal gatherings of other local businesses.