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Critical Peak Demand declared for 31 March 2015

Tuesday 31st March, has been declared a Critical Peak Demand day (AusNet distribution area).

Take action to reduce your electricity costs for a whole year.

AusNet, the operator of the electricity distribution network in the Eastern half of Victoria, has declared tomorrow (Thursday 31st March) a critical peak demand day.
Reducing electrical power demand between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. (daylight saving time) will help to reduce the CPD charge for a whole year, for electricity customers on one of the following network tariffs: NSP56, NSP75, NSP76, NSP77, NSP78, NSP81, NSP82, NSP83, NSP91, NSP94 and NSP95. (check the back of your electricity invoice).
More details here:

The Critical Peak Demand charge typically accounts for about 15% industrial customers’ total electricity cost.
So reducing demand for 4 hours tomorrow, can result in significant savings.

If you would like to discuss ways of reducing critical peak demand, the capacity charge, and other electricity costs, please phone us to discuss.

This is where you can find the critical peak demand charge, under ‘Network’, normally on page 2 of your electricity invoice.

elec CPPD  charge

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Geoff is the founder and managing director of Genesis Now, and winner of the 2013 Energy Efficiency Champion award (Energy Efficiency Council).